Students are expected to participate in the daily activities of the program and follow the rules and regulations set forth by the program. Each participant will receive an American Student Travel Abroad rules and regulations form which must be signed and notarized by the participant and both parents, and returned to our office prior to departure.

No Drinking for Minors Under the Age of 21

American Student Travel Abroad does not accept parental permission forms authorizing minors to drink. Students who break this rule will be sent home with no escort at their parents expense with no refund given. Teacher Responsibility

The organizing teacher is responsible to collect all payments as well as legal and notarized papers and to forward them to our office. The organizing teacher is also responsible for properly chaperoning his/her group throughout the trip and adequately preparing those students who choose the Family Stay portion of the program.

Room Assignments

American Student Travel Abroad’s programs are designed especially for students. Three or four students will share each room. Organizing teachers with a minimum group of eight fully paid participants will be two to a room. If the final group rooming lists results in participants being placed in double or single occupancy, the participant will be responsible for the double or single occupancy rate. If the final group rooming list results in chaperones being placed in single occupancy, the chaperones will be responsible for the single occupancy rate.

American Student Travel Abroad Representatives

In each city, you will have the services of our American Student Travel Abroad representatives. Our representatives will help you with all of your necessary travel details, giving you time to enjoy the foreign culture and providing you with more time with your students.

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